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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April Newsletter - New Website

The big news this month fellow Spankers is that we are moving to a fully interactive website which allows for online direct book buying, links to author pages and news, reviews and all things new including a revolutionary Book Club that should see us bring in many more reviews. Editors are working on a promotional press kit and we have some exciting new releases for next month including Simon Palmer's debut prison drama Lost Innocence. And Metaphors of Death by Dick Holzhaus. Submissions are officially closed while we concentrate on the move into the 21st century and bringing contracted books into the world.

For those who missed it - here's an interview with co-founding SPP editor John Daysh. HERE

Monday, January 27, 2014


LEGENDS OF the Sexual Armed Insurrection is a difficult book to pigeon-hole into any category or genre. I guess we could call it a surreal modern day urban tale of an ambitious woman who travels from a small town to the big city, the lights, to LA, with hopes as big as her over-sized sexual glands. The writing on a sentence level is compelling and draws one in. Stoveken is a writer’s writer with enormous talent and ability. This is not the work of a first time author. This bizarre tale is the work by one who has slaved over his craft for many years and has as a result come up with this unique piece of fiction. Perhaps if Burroughs and Bukowski got together with Hunter S.T in hell’s kitchen and dropped acid they would come up with a stew similar to the book you are about to read…
Morally is it right to publish such a book as this? Sex, some might consider, is a sacred act, an act to be shared by two loving people exclusively and forever.
For anyone who has lived and worked in the red night we know that life is not that simple. Souls get burned. People make decisions based upon the way they were treated by their parents, by their teachers, by the man in the corner sweet shop who you thought was just a harmless little old man until….
…The abused becomes the abuser in this world and the enslaved become the all powerful. The intelligent down trodden stand up and make themselves counted. Whether they be a deaf phone sex operator or a disempowered dominatrix. The human spirit is built to battle on, stand up, be heard, or at least seen as we will see in this compelling novella.  

You can look inside the book HERE        

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spanking Pulp Newsletter January 2014

Things have been moving warp speed with SPP. We've just employed a website designer and promoter - so we are moving forward as a small press into a medium sized one with many new authors and a plan to move mainstream. Recent acquisitions include a Thai prison thriller by an excellent writer which we plan to be huge. Thom Locke's historical thrillers are almost ready to be served. Also with have a nice horror novel Video Killer coming out any day now by screenwriter David Eisenstark. Snub Nose press author Todd Morr's Jesus saves, Satan invests (what a title) is in the editing room and Legends of the Sexual Armed Insurrection by Eric Stoveken, a title of pure quirky pulp genius, is now for sale as a paperback as well as the kindle version. The White Flamingo continues to chart in the Amazon crime noir charts since it's release in July and we have many more titles in the pipeline. 2014 looks like a good year for strange, dark, and pure pulp fun.