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Sunday, November 10, 2013


When Kenny backs a winner at the races his life turns upside down. A holiday in Thailand turns into a nightmare when he tangles with the Triads, leading to murder, maiming and a mad dash with a bag of cash to a drug-running middleman on the border. 

Chasing the Dragon is a cracking adventure written by Thailand's most famous private investigator, Warren Olson. 

Olson became the first Westerner to manage a major Hotel in Thailand’s vast North-east region when he took over at the Tarin Hotel in Surin, near the Thai –Cambodian border early in the 1990’s. He soon built up a range of contacts along with becoming fluent in the local dialects. He established a fledgling investigation company that over the ensuing decade built up a reputation for getting results. This was not so much due to any law enforcement training, but more his ability to sit in up-country homes, eat grasshoppers, drink rice whiskey and converse with the locals in their own language. Following the birth of his daughter, having by that time dodged a few bullets Olson decided to repatriate to his native New Zealand. He completed a Masters degree in Strategic Studies at Victoria University and wrote an award winning research paper on the Investigative Interviewing of Asians. Today he lectures in that area, along with managing his young daughter’s highly successful football team.



In December, 1860 Theodora Kydd arrives by stagecoach at Shawneetown on the Ohio River in southern Illinois. She is a retired nurse who has been sent by Chicago’s Allan Pinkerton to investigate unusual sightings of a sometimes island that can be seen from Shawneeetown’s shore.

Mrs. Kydd's husband, Dr. Kydd, was a victim in the Lady Elgin steamer disaster on Lake Michigan between Chicago and Milwaukee; this fact comes into play at novella’s end.

Theodora Kydd interviews local residents about the elusive island. Old “Blue” Leech, a Revolutionary War veteran and Yale University graduate, says if Mrs. Kydd could interview Robert Ingersoll, a past resident lawyer, along with Abraham Lincoln who used to include Shawneetown in his circuit riding, they could provide her with further insights into the apparition. When Mrs. Kydd takes a buggy ride out to the local cemetery, she finds old Blue’s body in his above ground tomb where, by the looks of things, he has been interred for some time.

Mrs. Kydd goes to an island enveloped in fog where she speaks with an Indian who complicates her mission. Returning to Shawneetown, Mrs. Kydd finds that it has been devastated by a flood. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013


David Hunter understands intelligence in a way no one else can grasp. He has created life…only to see it caged. His life is his work, and his work is Aurora. 
Ethan Alexander had been a military man, but now he’s involved in something even bigger. He’s seen the ultimate weapon…seen it ruined by its creators. His life is his work, and his work is war. 
Dr. Sophia Grace is as intelligent as she is beautiful. She dedicated herself to studying the intricacies of the human mind…but now she’s been hired to work with something else entirely. Her life is her work, and her work is unlocking secrets. 
Aurora is a mystery even to her creator. She cannot be duplicated nor can she be controlled. Aurora’s life has not yet truly begun, but it is about to. 
There are strange things in the sky over Groom Lake. Black triangles and hovering disks and rockets that fly faster than any craft known to exist. There are stranger things, things hidden even from the workers at Groom Lake. There is Aurora…the ultimate secret.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Its quirky, hilariously funny, we just had to publish the book...

My name is Tyler Stone. With a name like mine there was only one occupation for me; a wall and floor tiler, ceramics, porcelain, marble, slate, travertine and natural stone. If I had a nickname “natural” would be it. 

The name could be worse, what about:

Wayne Kerr and Wayne King?

Master Bates and Paul Plunkett?

My wife went back to work full time, leaving me to stay at home and look after our two kids and at the same time trying to start my own wall and floor tiling business.

Flicking through the channels while watching the T.V. with the kids, we come across an old black and white war film .The Longest Day, it’s a classic. I tell the kids that in the old days, that’s what the world used to look like ‘All black and white’ I say, ‘They called them the black and white days, there was no colour the grass was black and the sky was white.”

They actually fell for it, the fools. At least they’re going to grow up believing in a brighter future....”

...Enter the bizarre world of Tyler Stone as he grapples with being sexually abused by Shirley the dog, spooning Angelia Jolie and slowly being possessed by Phil Collins shouting SUSS SUSS SUDIO in the streets of Essex...

Think Adrian Mole on Acid – That’s Tyler Stone

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spanking Pulp Newsletter October 2013

Newsletter October 2013.


Well, the first few months of trading have been a success with Angry Birds leading the pack as the Spanking Pulp best-seller followed up closely by the long in-curving bill of the White Flamingo. Allowing for the Flamingo three day give-away we have shifted over three thousand books and are continuing to sell both ebooks and PODs steadily everyday.

New signings!

New signings include a science fiction romance, a whip-dashingly cool western, a swash-buckling pirate zombie adventure, a lizard struck tropical city, and an urban quirky diary - think Adrian Mole on acid.

All in all it's been a Span-kingly good three months and looking forward to the next three.

James A. Newman
BKK 16.10.13    

Friday, September 6, 2013


ANGRY BIRDS is now for sale in print here....


Click, click, click above.

Or for the kindle click the cover image to the right of the screen.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cut out the Middleman Review

A review has rolled in for John Daysh's novel Cut out the Middleman

Read the review HERE.....

Purchase the novel  HERE

Friday, July 26, 2013

Gop the Frog interviews Pulp Detective

EXCLUSIVE! Private Investigator Joe Dylan interviewed at Koh Samui “Health Resort” and Spa …

Read it.....


Monday, July 22, 2013

The White Flamingo Review

City News Chang Mai review the White Flamingo...

"The White Flamingo has everything you need for an entertaining, double hard boiled murder mystery. Characters, setting, dialogue and warp speed narrative. There is no lag in the White Flamingo. Like three shotgun blasts, the beginning, middle and end are attention grabbing, blaze a wide path and leave an impact on the reader."

Read the review HERE

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Red Night Zone - Goodreads Review...

New Review.

I really appreciate a well written review, particularly if its written by a Mexican-born-Japan-based splatter-punk scribe - 'Ish' Ismael Galvan. Thanks, for the kind words, Ish.  

"Newman is a literary risk taker. He gambles hard with his storyline and subject matter like a strung out Vegas junkie betting his wedding ring and bus ticket back home. There’s a dread looming over him, but he manages to say something funny about the way people die. Newman’s style is morbidly funny with a clean prose that reminds me of Stephen King."

Read the review here.....   Red Night Review

The Beat Goes On....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

James Newman Fiction...: A drink with John Daysh.

James Newman Fiction...: A drink with John Daysh.: JIM'S BEACH HUT , a rude construction nailed together from palm timber and corrugated iron. A well stocked bar and a floor covered w...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The White Flamingo by James A. Newman

TITLE: The White Flamingo
AUTHOR: James A. Newman

Coming soon to a reservoir or lake near you.

Third in the Joe Dylan Saga.

FUN CITY is run by corrupt officials and respectable gangsters wallowing in luxury mansions in the hills above the harbor, the beach, and the neon jungle below.

When vice worker TAMMY is found mutilated on top of a pool table, an effete pervert and son to the 1970s pin-up beauty queen once known as the White Flamingo is locked up.

Can detective JOE DYLAN shake the monkey off his back and find THE KILLER before he becomes one of the casualties?

THE WHITE FLAMINGO is a break-neck-fast-neo-noir-thriller from beak to tail.

Flamingos are pink or orange or white depending on what they eat. Flamingos eat algae and crustaceans that contain pigments called carotenoids. For the most part, these pigments are found in the brine shrimp and blue-green algae that the birds eat. Enzymes in the liver break down the carotenoids into the pink and orange pigment molecules deposited in the feathers, bill, and legs of the flamingos. Flamingos that eat mostly algae are more deeply colored than birds that eat the small animals that feed off of algae. Captive flamingos are feed a special diet that includes prawns (a pigmented crustacean) or additives such as beta-carotene or canthaxanthin, otherwise they would be white or pale pink. Young flamingos have gray plumage that changes color according to their diet. People eat foods containing carotenoids, too. Examples include beta-carotene in carrots and lycopene in watermelon, but most people do not eat enough of these compounds to affect their skin color.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spanking Pulp Kindle

Now for sale on Amazon Kindle....

Nick Adamson only planned on being in Thailand for a week. But a week later he is running a beach bar, selling drugs to tourists, falling out with the police, falling in love with a hot blonde, and duelling with an out-of-control, drug lord.

Cut Out the Middle Man follows Nick’s descent into the illicit underworld of beach life and the dysfunctional characters who operate beneath the thin veneer of paradise islands....

Monday, May 13, 2013




#1... We are looking for noir detectives, sci-fi, horror, dark fantasy, urban tales, monsters, post-modern, cyber-punk, steam-punk, zombies, lizards, strangeness, nightmares, and any other type of bizarre original fiction.

#2... We seek to uncover talented writers and support them with editing, promotion, advice, and cover design.

#3... Authors, if accepted, understand that they will be part of the promotion effort.

#4... We want, demand, lust after, something sharp and entertaining and of the very highest pulp quality.
#5... We have the underlying motive of developing and supporting a new pulp movement.

#6... We don't do romance, erotica, or memoirs (unless they are darker than a politician's soul.)

#7... We don't do cute. No pets, books about horses or cats (unless they are alien, evil, rabid.)

#8...  We believe that the reader invests in the author as a person rather than just the books he or she writes.

#9... No literary fiction. Think, plot, plot, plot, action, action, plot, action, resolution.

#10... We publish both POD and ebooks and some select print runs.

#11...We accept submissions for short stories 10k words up to novels 100k words.

#12...Please send the fully completed work to or

#13..Include a brief bio, blurb, and previous publication credits that support the work on submission.

#14...Submissions should be in word or PDF document attaching to email.

#15...Contracts typically run for five years with 45% royalty rate for ebooks. 10% on POD and print.

#16 Spanking Pulp does not pay an advance.

#17...Please allow six weeks for us to get back to you on submissions.

#18...Read the seventeen points again before you submit.

#19...Good luck

#20...And enjoy the pulp.

#21...We do not publish song lyrics from well known established musicians as part of any introductions or prologues. These lyrics are usually under copyright and protected by bullet-proof lawyers who will put our operation out of action with a huge fat law suit. In fact don't use a prologue if possible. Straight into the action.