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Friday, November 1, 2013


Its quirky, hilariously funny, we just had to publish the book...

My name is Tyler Stone. With a name like mine there was only one occupation for me; a wall and floor tiler, ceramics, porcelain, marble, slate, travertine and natural stone. If I had a nickname “natural” would be it. 

The name could be worse, what about:

Wayne Kerr and Wayne King?

Master Bates and Paul Plunkett?

My wife went back to work full time, leaving me to stay at home and look after our two kids and at the same time trying to start my own wall and floor tiling business.

Flicking through the channels while watching the T.V. with the kids, we come across an old black and white war film .The Longest Day, it’s a classic. I tell the kids that in the old days, that’s what the world used to look like ‘All black and white’ I say, ‘They called them the black and white days, there was no colour the grass was black and the sky was white.”

They actually fell for it, the fools. At least they’re going to grow up believing in a brighter future....”

...Enter the bizarre world of Tyler Stone as he grapples with being sexually abused by Shirley the dog, spooning Angelia Jolie and slowly being possessed by Phil Collins shouting SUSS SUSS SUDIO in the streets of Essex...

Think Adrian Mole on Acid – That’s Tyler Stone

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  1. It's the funniest book I've ever read and I'm not just saying that, just because I wrote it.... ..It's real life, when Angelina Jolie came to my house and we ate 'the fruitbread' that really happened...Keeping it real....